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Cover your bikes with the power of the cycling community

Get £25 Laka credit by Human Race

As a Human Race participant you are eligible to £25 free credit for Laka Bicycle Insurance.

What you get

  • Theft and damage cover at home and on the road
  • Globally up to 60 days and during sportives
  • Emergency bike rental & taxi


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Discover the Laka difference


Play fair, take good care

Get the support you need when your bike is damaged or stolen. Return the favour by contributing a fair share to Laka.



Get a ridiculously fair price

Your share goes up and down (even £0!) based on the claims in our community. Rest assured we cap your maximum too.



Spend less time off bike

All claims are handled by our expert team and usually agreed within 1 day. Depreciation or excess? £0.


Cover for your bikes & gear

Theft Cover

at home, locked outside, in the car & in transition areas of sportives & triathlons

Get your bike replaced after a theft from home or when locked with a gold-rated lock away from home. Your bikes are also covered in the car and at cycling events.

Damage Cover

during commutes, weekend rides, sportives & races

Whatever parts are broken after an accident or vandalism, we arrange the repair and replacement in no time. Even if you crashed during a sportive or race.

Travel Cover

for 60 days

Wherever you are on this planet, your bike is covered for up to 60 consecutive days. Go explore.

Race Cover

up to UCI level

Sportives and races are covered but we have a few exception if you are a professional racer.


taxi & rental bike

We reserve £200 to help make your life easier however we can after an accident or theft.

Fair price by design

With Laka, money which would usually line your insurer's pockets now stays in yours.

80% of what you pay goes to help fellow members who damaged or lost their bike and only 20% keeps Laka running. The rest is pure savings for you.

£25 free credit applied
How we use what you pay us
Monthly price to protect 
 of gear
Typically around
Never more than
Never more than £18 per month FREE FREE FREE £7 FREE £11 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN

Bike insurance that's ahead of the pack

Get your money's worth

No excess or depreciation. You choose the value you want to insure your bike for, as-new or for the replacement value.

Flexible to the month

Annual contracts are so outdated. Cancel whenever you want and leave by the end of the month.

Instant everything

Cover your stuff in seconds and reach us via real-time chat whenever you need us.
Claims? Usually agreed within 1 day.

Recover like a pro

Get one of our limited recovery packages when you injure yourself but want to keep training.

Our community has spoken

The 5-star rated and multi-award winning way to insure your bike

James Flynn
James Flynn
This has been real 10/10 service throughout

Getting my bike insured with Laka was one of the smartest decisions I've made. Massive thanks to Jon who has gone above and beyond and got me back on the road in quick time, this has been real 10/10 service throughout. Thank you Laka! I'll be telling all my riding mates about this company.

Mark Williamson
Mark Williamson
Love the idea of an insurance scheme funded by the community

Brilliant concept and incredible service. Love the idea of an insurance scheme funded by the community and an insurance company that wants to do the right thing for its customers. Oh and they're friendly, efficient, responsive and helpful too. If you're a cyclist and want a much better type of insurance (which benefits you and the wider cycling community too) then I'd encourage you to check out Laka. Highly recommended

Matt Grey
Matt Grey
Super efficient, super friendly personal service, with really quick response times

Super efficient, super friendly personal service, with really quick response times, even out of usual office hours. It is really straight forward to set up your insurance, the way your bill is calculated is very good, making Laka one of the cheapest insurance companies on the market. 11/10 would recommend!

Chris Breen
Chris Breen
Very, very impressed and would recommend to anybody and everybody

If I could give 10 stars I would. Penny worked tirelessly to get my new parts. When I accidentally confirmed the wrong product it was replaced as soon as humanly possible with the correct part. Very, very impressed and would recommend to anybody and everybody. Thanks Laka


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