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"Lots of people asked us to cover them for third-party liability when they cycle. We didn’t like the products that were on offer, so we built our own: simple, all-inclusive cover… for free

Jens, co-founder of Laka

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Third-party liability Insurance for cyclists

Scratched a car on your way to work or bumped into another cyclist on a ride? This cover will pay those bills (up to £2m), and it's free - if you want.

Who this is for

This cover is for all members of the Laka Club. Wether you are a regular commuter, courier, racer or mountain climber (or any other kind of cyclist), our third-party liability cover protects you when you discover the world on your bike.

What is covered

  • Any amount you are liable to pay including legal cost if you injure someone or damage their property whilst using your bike
  • International trips up to 60 days per trip
  • Use of your bike for regular commutes, ride-outs and group rides, commercial use, and races

What is not covered

  • Use of a bike for professional racing
  • Injury to any of your employees or members of your family normally residing with you
  • Any settlement made within countries which operate under the laws of the United States of America or Canada

1 year








* unless you want to pay.

Buy Wahoo gear,
get Laka credits

This holiday season we’ve teamed up with Wahoo to offer Laka Club members insurance credit when you purchase a Wahoo turbo trainer or head-unit.

What's in it for you

Get Laka credits when purchasing a Wahoo turbo trainer or head-unit. All credits will be applied to your Laka bicycle insurance account. Check out the available products below and the credits you can get for buying them.

If you'd like to get this special treat, request the instructions below.

Available products

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