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Is Strava leading thieves to your door?

Check if your Strava activities show everyone
where you start and end your rides

Why you should care recently published an article explaining how thieves are targeting riders who post their rides publicly on Strava. By correlating quick times to riders with more expensive kit, thieves are then able to find a rider's home or work location, using data from publicly posted rides (such as your commute).

Read our blog post here.

Check if you are at risk

We have created a little helper to show you the start and end points of all your public Strava rides. We don't store any data, but only show you your public activities. We will never share this information with anyone but yourself.

As a bicycle insurance company, we take our customers’ data and privacy seriously. Customer data is encrypted at all times and never shared with third-parties without explicit consent.  We’ve developed a tool that allows you to identify whether you’re exposing your home location to potential thieves by posting public rides on Strava.

How it works:

Our app contains a guide on how you can hide private locations using Strava’s Privacy Zones feature, as well as other recommendations for improving the privacy of your account. We map out the start and end points of all your public Strava rides, and identify any recurring locations as being visible to thieves. This leaves you free to enjoy all of the kudos, segments and challenges that Strava provides.

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Mapping your public Strava data

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Feel free to review some privacy settings below, and share this tool with your friends, to make sure they are also secure.

Most frequented locations
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    3 things you should do now

    If any personal locations were visible on the map above, we recommend taking some steps to improve your privacy.

    Protect your home and work: Privacy Zones

    Set up your Strava privacy zones, to ensure any personal locations such as your home are hidden

    Click Here

    Inform Yourself: Check Strava's new privacy controls

    Strava have recently made it easier to manage your privacy.

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    Share This: Make sure your friends are secure

    Share this website with your friends and set their settings right,

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